'Up The Trump!' Global Game Jam 2017 Entry for Theme 'Waves'

Trump Waves in his inauguration with a compilation of his most humorous and controversial catch phrases. Play as Trump and his inevitable downfall as he dodges taxes, news networks and HATS!

Singularly controlled with the space bar, Up The Trump fulfills a few diversifies, spaced (single input with the space bar), Lost Library Card (all sounds synthesized and recorded on site), and a local diversifier of including an esteemed Glasgow Caledonian Lecturer for all his hard work for the GGJ and other activities.


Stephen Benedetti - Designer, Audio Engineer, 2D Artwork

Michael Saiger - Designer, C# Programmer, Animation

Dasha Shumitskiy - C#/Java Programmer, Designer

Install instructions

Built in Unity as a WebGl. Zipped folder is attached with all assets and scenes for PC build.


UpTheTrumpPC.zip 86 MB

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